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Ex-Test player Goszko suffers stroke

Back in the days when the crack of the whip echoed throughout the hills, he insists the brumbies were fit only for « running into the ground, feeding to the dogs, taking to the knackery, or, at best, a pony for the kids ».

Robert Irwin looks sharp in a new suit as he joins his… Terri and Robert Irwin are all smiles as they celebrate… Australia Zoo’s financial hell goes from bad to worse as… Bindi Irwin pays touching tribute to her late ‘Crocodile…

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Financial life line: Terri Irwin revealed she’s taken out a bank loan to cover Australia Zoo ‘at least 20 years of fallout’ after Covid – following rumours she ‘might explore selling’ the animal sanctuary. Pictured is Terri with her daughter Bindi

Other anonymous women are reported to have complained to NBC about Lauer’s sexual impropriety, with one saying she was summoned into his office in 2001 for sex.

He would also sometimes quiz female producers about who they had slept with, it has been alleged.

She said of Covid: ‘This is not the flu we are talking about. If you had open slather, then the health and wellbeing of the majority of people would have been devastating both in terms of the economy and human cost.’  

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In Ronan Farrow’s new book Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators, former NBC producer Brooke Nevils accuses Lauer of sexually assaulting her during non consensual sex at the Sochi Olympics in 2014. 

Yet in the fierce and ongoing debate over the proliferation in Kosciuszko National Park of wild horses said to have descended from that same era, Huenecke stands with those who want the brumbies banished.

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Wild horses are to be totally removed from Victoria’s Bogong High Plains and significantly reduced in the state’s eastern Alps, while the ACT has declared zero tolerance towards the brumbies in its national parks.

Times are changing: The magazine also reported on rumours that Terri ‘might soon explore the option of selling’ the zoo. But, Australia Zoo’s fortunes are likely to change with Terri’s revelation of the loan and the Queensland’s border restrictions set to be lifted in December. Pictured together is Chandler Powell with wife Bindi and daughter Grace, Terri and Robert 

Helping the family: Terri told the publication her children were able to help raise funds on the retail side of the business to assist with costs. Bindi, 23, wrote a book, Creating a Conservation Legacy, about their family’s work wildlife

Leading ecologist David Watson, who quit the NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee in 2018 over the government’s position on Kosciuszko, says it couldn’t have picked a worse place to let horses roam.

Protective mum: At the end of 2014, when Mel was hospitalised on the final weekend of The X Factor, Andrea went on a Twitter rant accusing film producer Belafonte of being physically violent towards the singer

Financial troubles: It comes after New Idea reported that Australia Zoo is in even more financial strife than previously thought earlier this week. According to the source, ‘several key staffers’ have been made redundant within the past few weeks

Speaking to  about learning she had received the honour, she said: ‘I thought about all the women I’ve met over the past few years who have been through terrible situations, women who have died, women who are still suffering. 

While the cost of the pandemic has been economically devastating for the Irwin’s and their beloved Australia Zoo, Terri is not bitter about the strict border closures imposed by the Queensland Government.

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